About Us

Hi and welcome to Lady Gazelle.

My name is Katia Sayssuak and I am a Melbourne mum of two beautiful kids.

Always having had an active lifestyle, fitness remained an important part of my life post pregnancy. Having had two caesarians and pregnancy related lower back issues extra support was essential to continue training. Having this in mind I struggled to find any tights that really ticked all the boxes. I wanted something to hold in my tummy and provide support, something to look great and something that I could bend over in and not have my underwear on display for all to see.

Mother’s day in 2015 was the cruncher for me. Excited after having received two pairs of tights from very well-known brands I quickly changed into a pair and started doing burpees in the lounge room with my two year old daughter. My husband and son were watching us when my husband made a comment that he could see my underwear. Being brand new I thought he was just teasing me as this was the reason I received the thoughtful gift in the first place. When I realised that the new tights were in fact see through when bending over I naturally did what all women do and called a girlfriend to vent my frustrations.

“I may as well just make my own active wear” were the words that saw the birth of
Lady Gazelle.

I have designed my active wear support tights keeping in mind the ultimate goal of providing all women, not only mums with built in support for the lower abdominal area and the lower back, without compromising on the style. I want all women to feel free to move and have fun while exercising or going about their daily activities while feeling supported, lifted and looking fabulous.

Lady Gazelle has been designed around the needs voiced by women I have come across on my fitness journey. These high waisted support tights have been designed with comfort, style and fun in mind. The high waist with built in support holds in the core and lower back giving you that element of support to allow you to go about your activities with confidence. The tights also lift the bottom and aids in flattening the tummy region giving women that extra confidence boost to make them look and feel great.
Speaking of bottoms I have ensured that you can train freely whilst maintaining your modesty guaranteeing that no matter what position you may find yourself in these tights will not become transparent.

I hope you will love Lady Gazelle as much as I do....

Katia Sayssauk